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Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Post  Adrian on Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:59 pm

Sperling, Ed."Social Networks' Security Risk",,March 16 2009.

"--Question your security vendor. If it's using automated tools to measure your security, chances are pretty good that a hacker can break into your system. Hackers don't follow rules."

"--Thoroughly assess before you buy any new technology. Security risks increase with any technology introduced into a company, whether it's an appliance or a new application. "

Milian, Mark. "After hacks, Facebook unlocks new security mechanisms". CNN. 26 January 2011.

"Facebook reduced spam from partners' applications by 95% last year, Bret Taylor, the company's technology chief, said at a conference this week. The social networking giant currently employs Captcha technology, but this new method could supplant that."

BBC . "After hacks, "Social media and the security risks they pose for business" BBC WEB. 27 April 2011.

"I think that the biggest challenge right now in our space is the change that the internet is going through in terms of the kind of applications that enterprises are using."

Boline, John. "Social Networking: ". Hagerman & Company, Inc. 03 June 2010.

"Every company and IT department is always concerned with security and privacy."

"Not only are companies considering restricting / monitoring the use of social networks by their employees, so are governments."

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