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Post  Luis_PM on Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:05 am

Bluetooth Smart Ready devices are the most effective way to connect to billions of Bluetooth devices in market today, and the over 5 million Bluetooth enabled devices commercialized every single day.
Why Bluetooth technology? Why Bluetooth Smart Ready? Why Bluetooth Smart ?

by Jeevan kumar. 10/24/2011
A Bluetooth chip is designed to replace cables by taking the information normally carried by the cable, and transmitting it to a receiver Bluetooth chip, which will then give the information received to the computer, phone, whatever.
Palowireless, Bluetooth and 802.11b(Part 1 & 2) , January 2002

The distributed protocol used in Bluetooth 2.0 is designed to alleviate the problems of the present Bluetooth's master/slave-based Piconet, which drops the Piconet when a master leaves.
EE Times Online , Scientist tips features of Bluetooth 2.0 , July 2002

National Cyber Alert System
Cyber Security Tip ST05-015
Authors: Mindi McDowell, Matt Lytle
Understanding Bluetooth Technology
Produced 2005 by US-CERT, a government organization.
What are some security concerns?
Depending upon how it is configured, Bluetooth technology can be fairly secure. You can take advantage of its use of key authentication and encryption. Unfortunately, many Bluetooth devices rely on short numeric PIN numbers instead of more secure passwords or passphrases.
One advice Disable Bluetooth when you are not using it - Unless you are actively transferring information from one device to another, disable the technology to prevent unauthorized people from accessing it.


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