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QUOTATIONS -Orlando Salas

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QUOTATIONS -Orlando Salas

Post  OrlandoSalas on Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:10 am

Graphic Card
The begin of the graphic cards

1. Colantoni, P., Boukala, N., Da Rugna, J. 2003, “Fast and Accurate Color Image Processing Using 3D Graphic Cards”, page 8.

“The results that we have obtained indicate that the GPU allows to obtain in most cases of study (4/5), better results than a CPU, whatever the compiler.”

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate how the new technologies introduced in recent 3D cards can be used in color image processing and analysis. We are showing that the GPU can be 10 times faster than the best CPU that we have tested in the case of per-pixel processing with mathematical complex functions and vectorial calculation.

2. Seller S., Schmenk, D., 1993, “Graphic card with two color up tables”, page 7

“In general the display sub-system in present day work stations and personal computers include frame buffers and utilize bit mapped graphics. An electronic representation of the on-screen image is stored in the frame buffer”

The text explains this invention that provides a big advantage for the interface and graphic cards. This happened when the monitors begin to use two colors on the screen, so this document makes a summary of the creation of these kinds of monitors.

3. Shoaff, W., 2000 “A short history of computer graphics”, URL=

“Graphics has had a tremendous affect on society. Things that affect society often lead to ethical and legal issues. For example, graphics are used in battles and their simulation, medical diagnosis, crime re-enactment, cartoons and films.”

This text talks about the history of the graphic cards, a short history of the evolution of them, so explain from the 60s to 90s, the features of each kind of cards. Also talk about the social impact, for the costumers.

4. Bayer, T. 2009, “The history of multi GPU graphics cards”, URL=,681912/The-History-of-Multi-GPU-graphics-cards/Knowledge/.

“When exactly the first dual or multi GPU graphics card was introduced to the market is a question of interpretation. PC Games Hardware just starts with the Voodoo graphics that cause a furor in fall 1996.”

Since the 90s there are graphics cards with more than one GPU. PC Games Hardware takes a look at the famous and unknown multi GPU graphics cards.


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