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Post  Pedro_Arguedas on Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:00 pm

1- “Bluetooth was designed to allow low bandwidth wireless connections to become so simple to use that they seamlessly integrate into your daily life. A simple example of a Bluetooth application is updating the phone directory of your mobile phone. Today, you would have to either manually enter the names and phone numbers of all your contacts or use a cable or IR link between your phone and your PC and start an application to synchronize the contact information.”

2- “This FAQ and knowledge base is a continuous work in progress, and consists of the largest central FAQ of bluetooth information available today. I make no guarantees on the validity of information contained here, although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein.”

3- “The profiles have been developed in order to describe how implementations of user models are to be accomplished. The user models describe a number of user scenarios where Bluetooth performs the radio transmission. A profile can be described as a vertical slice through the protocol stack. It defines options in each protocol that are mandatory for the profile. It also defines parameter ranges for each protocol. The profile concept is used to decrease the risk of interoperability problems between different manufacturers' products.”

4- “By supporting Bluetooth in XP, Microsoft is building a bridge to the technology to expand the scope of its implementation. Microsoft's goal is to build a seamless wireless network where end users can move freely between wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and third-generation (3G) wireless networks without having to reconfigure their PC or understand which network they are roaming into, Glass said. Microsoft has already announced plans to support IEEE 802.11b radio networks in its XP operating system. By also offering native support for Bluetooth, Glass said Microsoft can provide seamless roaming between both wireless LANs and wireless personal-area networks (PANs).”


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