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TCP/IP protocols (Bibliography)

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TCP/IP protocols (Bibliography)

Post  Ian Paul Alonso on Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:15 am

1. Jon Postel ( September 1981 ), rfc791, “Internet Protocol”, University of Southern California, 4676 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, California 90291. Online:

“The internet protocol implements two basic functions: addressing and
fragmentation. ”

The addressing includes the names, addresses, and route. The name indicates what we are searching. The address indicates where we will send or recieve the packages. A route indicates the way to get there. And the fragmentation it the use of the addressing to send and receive the packages fragmented.

“The function or purpose of Internet Protocol is to move datagrams
through an interconnected set of networks.”

The main function of the internet is to share information between devices, sending and receiving packages of data between networking.

2. T. Socolofsky, C. Kale. (January 1991), rfc1180, “A TCP/IP Tutorial”, Online Source:

This is a tutorial to explain how the TCP/IP protocol function, this to understand the process of the internet

3. Floyd Wylder (1993).A Guide to TCP/IP Protocol Suite. ED. Artech House.

4. “Internet Protocol Suite” Online:

This article from Wikipedia explains the history of the TCP/IP, when this was invented and how this function through the OSI model that says how this protocol make the communication in a network

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